Garden Shed Plans Scam

To be honest, garden shed plans scams are not really common, because it’s not sort of a market, where you can claim some big “results”, and take people’s money for nothing. Although, I do sometimes come across certain type of websites, that offer shed designs, which look a bit dodgy.

So what do I mean by “garden shed plans” scams? In my opinion, it’s simply something, which doesn’t deliver what it promise. For example, recently I have purchased some blueprints to build my own shed, and the website described them as “beginner-friendly”, and since I don’t have much DIY woodworking experience, I thought they would be perfect for me.

However, after paying for the membership and downloading the guide, I wasn’t quite impressed. I spent a few hours trying to understand everything, but there were too many terms and “techy” words, which I had no idea what they meant. So the first thing that came to my mind is to ask for a refund. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my money back, because all the sales were final and non-refundable, according to terms and condition of the website.

That’s what I call garden shed plans scam. You should always do in-depth research on how to build a shed with woodworking instructions, before buying anything. It will save you money in the future, even if you spend a whole day researching.

However, since you are on my website, I would like to thank you for your visit and recommend you a guide called MyShedPlans, which I’m using myself and really satisfied with it. Written by Ryan Henderson, it offers 12,000 woodworking designs with pictures and blueprints.

The shed building plans are so easy to understand, that probably even a high-school kid would manage to follow them and build a shed himself. Also your purchase is protected with 60 days, 100% money-back guarantee, so in case if you are not happy with anything, ask for a refund.

CLICK HERE to visit MyShedPlans website and find out more about how to join.

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